Radiology solutions connectivity

In today’s era, there is a growing need to design PACS solutions as integrated comprehensive solutions, and they have to represent the entire image management of a hospital or a group of hospitals. This is the only way they can meet the aim of integrating all diagnostic activities into a uniform patient record. This way they contribute to a reduction of reading times and patient stays, and help improve quality of patient care through optimized communication.

World Class Multiscale Image Processing Complete DICOM Featurization
Image Management

  • The high resolution monitor and advanced DICOM image enhancement capabilities included with EES’s Windows- based PACS Station; improve patient care through enhanced visualization.
  • Full query and retrieve support from other DICOM sources, ce workflow with immediate access to imaging studies on an ultrafast, high performance workstation.
  • With a wireless router included, EES’s PACS Station enables Windows-based PACS Station allowing patient images and studies to be accessed from an Internet-enabled WiFi tablet.

DICOM Support

• DICOM Query/Retrieve SCU
• Import/Export Capabilities for Various Images
•Interfaces with other network attached DICOM workstations,
film/document scanners and DICOM printers.
•Images can be easily saved onto portable media such as CD,
DVD or USB drive – or printed on a DICOM printer. Formats
(DICOM, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime)

HL7 Support

• IHE Standards Compliant
• Bi-directional HL7 Interface

PACS Archive System Flexibility/Scalability:

•Web-based operation (IE, Netscape, Firefox)
• SCP, SCU services for sending, receiving and queries
• No software limiting dongles
• Unlimited DICOM ports
• DICOM route function to multiple modalities
• Unlimited users
• Full functionality SQL database engine
• Delayed send of studies for bandwidth management.
• 64 Bit DICOM Viewing Software Installed and Configured

Image Manipulation

• Zoom
• Window Level
• Window Contrast • Pan/Move
• Imaging Tiling

Technical Specifications

• 3.46 GHz Quad Core AMD Processor AM3+
• 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM
• 2TB Internal Disk Assembly (RAID 1, 1 TB
Enterprise-level Drive Usable after RAID)
• 24x CD/DVD
• Integrated Video (VGA, DVI, HDMI)
• 24-inch LED-backlit mat widescreen TFT active-matrix liquid
crystal display
• Resolution: 2.073 Megapixels

High Definition Color

Available with a 24-inch high-definition color display, the Window-based PACS Station delivers ultrafast performance, an intuitive interactive user interface and vivid clarity for navigating and visualizing multi-modality and multi-dimensional images.

Modality Support
These standalone workstations integrate
seamlesly with virtually any digital medical
modality including CR, DR, CT, MRI, and
Tablet Access
With a wireless router included as part of
the PACS Station solution, patient images
and studies may be accessed securely from
any Internet-enabled WiFi tablet.
Standalone Archive
These robust workstations can be deployed
as an image archive in medium volume
environments to access, store and
distribute patient studies. Storage is