Selenia reveals life-saving details, improves workflow, and gives you more time with your patients

Saving time, saving lives…

For clinicians and their patients, it is about time.
Early detection of breast cancer means faster intervention and
dramatically improved survival rates. Saving time with a
more efficient workflow means more time by a patient’s side
and increased productivity for imaging departments.
The key to imaging breakthroughs and more efficient workflow
is digital mammography. At Hologic, we understand the benefits
of harnessing the precision, power and speed of digital in the
fight against breast cancer. We have dedicated ourselves to
the development of the premier technology to make digital
mammography the new standard of care.
The result of this singular focus and commitment is Selenia™,
a digital mammography platform so powerful it is transforming
the breast imaging suite.

Expertise and experience you can depend on
Whether you are expanding your digital mammography suite or transitioning
to digital technology, Hologic is the company to have at your side:
• As the leader in digital mammography, we are an experienced and trusted
resource for radiologists, technologists and hospital administrators.
• We support you every step of the way, from cost-analysis and financing
through workflow integration, training and marketing support.
• We are recognized throughout the industry for innovative, high quality
systems that are backed by world class customer support.
• We offer the optimum combination of breast imaging clinical solutions
for enterprise wide information-sharing and archiving

Better Detection

through Better Imaging

Image quality is key to early detection. That’s why we invest millions of dollars each year in research and development to push the boundaries of imaging technology and why the industry has come to expect the best image quality from Hologic.
■ Selenia uses a direct conversion detector, which eliminates the need to convert x-rays to light. The result is an exceptionally sharp digital image and better contrast with greater consistency.
■ Our High Transmission Cellular Grid technology delivers higher contrast images by significantly reducing radiation scatter without increasing patient dose.

Greater exam efficiency for patient comfort and staff productivity
We understand your desire to see the smallest details without losing sight of your patient’s overall needs. That’s why
we look at all aspects of imaging, capturing the quality images you require with the greatest efficiency and care.
• Selenia offers a single detector solution. The 24 x 29 cm field of view allows you to image a wider range
of patients without requiring additional exposures.
• The Smart paddle system controls the movement of the Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) position and automatic
collimator function. This streamlines technologist workflow, enables accurate positioning, and assures consistent
image acquisition. The integrated FAST™ paddle technology accommodates the natural contour of the breast, tilting
for more uniform compression and exposure, and improved patient comfort.
• Choose between an Auto AEC function that allows the entire field of view to determine the densest area
of the breast or a manual seven-position AEC virtual sensor.

New Dimensions in

Workflow Productivity

Capturing superb images is just one part of the mammography process. Working side-by-side with clinicians, we know the value of an efficient, collaborative workflow. Hologic is the only company that offers a dedicated workflow solution for digital mammography to maximize staff productivity and support collaboration and information sharing across the team.
The Selenia TechMate acquisition console and SecurView diagnostic workstations are designed and refined with ongoing input from technologists and radiologists. From customized hanging protocols to bi-directional communication and flexible user-defined preferences, our workstations support the way clinicians really work.
Our workflow solutions support the efficiency of the breast imaging team, providing instant electronic communication between technologists and radiologists to exchange images, annotations, comments and instructions.

A New View in Patient Care

One of the key benefits of digital imaging is immediate access to patient information. Technologists won’t have to leave their patients’ side to check film or confer with the radiologist. Breast imaging studies can be recalled at a moments notice, reducing patient wait time and anxiety. Selenia brings you this flexibility with the added benefit of choosing how and where you want to access patient information with the in-room Selenia TechMate and centralized SecurViewRT technologist workstations.

Selenia TechMate acquisition console enables technologists
to acquire images, access CAD tools, display prior images and
compare them to current images without leaving the patient
or interrupting the exam.
• Technologists have the ability to respond immediately to
positioning or exposure issues as you compare new and
previous images within the examination room.
• Dual displays swivel and extend, providing the flexibility to
position the displays to suit the way technologists prefer to work.
A New View in Patient Care
SecurViewRT Workstations add unprecedented
flexibility and support to busy imaging centers by allowing you
to conveniently locate centralized workstations for access by
multiple technologists.
• SecurViewRT workstations provide the same display,
comparison and annotation tools as TechMate.
• Technologists work from a common patient list between
the TechMate and SecurView workstations, for an efficient,
collaborative workflow.
Technologists at any TechMate or SecurViewRT can exchange images and information, as well as communicate with
radiologists using the SecurViewDX diagnostic workstation.

Better Workflow for

Image Interpretation

SecurViewDX Diagnostic Workstation

Hologic has worked closely with radiologists to create the SecurViewDX dedicated diagnostic workstation, designed specifically for mammography interpretation. SecurViewDX addresses the radiologist’s requirements for the best diagnostic tools for interpreting images, as well as comfortable ergonomics, time-saving efficiencies, and seamless collaboration with technologists and colleagues.
• An integrated high-resolution color display lets you review mammography images and DICOM images from other diagnostic modalities simultaneously, reducing legwork and saving time.
• Intelligent roaming moves from one quadrant of the breast to the next, displaying every section at full resolution and skipping quadrants where no breast tissue is present.
• A digital magnifying glass allows the visualization of fine details at increased resolution in both normal and inverse mode.
• Customizable image layout and orientation allows images to be displayed in individualized protocols for diagnostic, screening or multiple modalities, including the ability to interactively mirror and flip
images for evaluation and comparison.
• Integrated computer aided detection (CAD) functionality quickly and efficiently displays areas that may warrant closer attention or a second review.

Maximizing Digital Connectivity

Selenia optimizes connectivity so that you can take full advantage of fast on-system storage and retrieval and integrate with other hospital systems for archiving.
• Selenia has integrated storage for short-term, rapid retrieval of images. Technologists and radiologists can retrieve prior images more quickly for review and comparison, and get immediate access to images in case the PACS is unavailable.
• Selenia workstations are DICOM 2006 compliant, making it easy to share information with other systems inside and outside the mammography suite, including DICOM printers and PACS.
• Our dedicated Mammography Image Management Solution™ (MIMS) provides an efficient approach to handling
the unique workflow and archiving requirements of digital mammography for practices without PACS or with
limited storage on the PACS. In addition, CAD markings and physician annotations are also archived and retrievable.
MIMS is specifically designed and licensed to support all women’s breast imaging modalities and their unique workflow needs.

The Future of Mammography is Unlimited

Digital mammography is not just about adopting a new technology, it is about creating a future of unlimited potential.
■ A better, healthier future for women
■ A more productive future made possible by information integration
■ A future platform for ongoing innovation

Hologic is already creating that future
with contrast enhanced mammography
and breast tomosynthesis, revolutionary
technologies that may change the way
we detect breast cancer.*
From innovative technologies
to system enhancements to new
service capabilities, we are constantly
working to give our customers the
best in women’s health.

The Best Support Organization

for Digital Mammography

Digital mammography is a rapidly evolving field. One of the things that our customers value most is our service and support organization. Customers know that when they have a question about digital mammography, our Hologic customer service center is the one to call for answers.
Hologic outperforms the industry in service quality According to MD Buyline’s annual independent survey,* Hologic received the highest user satisfaction ratings across the board for system performance, system reliability, installation/implementation,
applications training, service response time and service repair quality.
Helping customers make connections beyond the imaging suite As the healthcare world becomes more connected, customers look to our service organization to help with more aspects of connectivity. We can help you create a new digital workflow within the imaging suite, preserving the best of your current environment and maximizing the advantages of electronic information sharing. We can help you fine-tune your workflow solution over time, as you discover new ways to take advantage of digital connectivity to improve efficiency and serve your patients better.
Customers often turn to us for connectivity beyond the imaging suite. We can connect your digital mammography systems to other information systems, such as the hospital PACS, or help you share
Selenia image files with other clinicians for remote consultations.
More efficient service through technology Women’s imaging centers are among the busiest in a hospital, and we are constantly looking for ways to serve our customers more efficiently. Today, remote diagnostic capabilities enable us to monitor systems and resolve more than 60 percent of service requests from a central location without sending an engineer on site. Our service organization is working closely with R &D to build proactive monitoring into Selenia.
Future digital breast imaging systems will have the ability to monitor many of its own functions and proactively report problems or regular maintenance items to our support organization. Our goal is not just to improve our response time for support but also to anticipate and resolve issues before our customers are even aware of them.

The power of Hologic is the power of clear innovation
and a singular focus…to challenge the boundaries of science
and technology every day to raise the standards of image quality.
Our passion has led to discoveries that contribute to earlier detection,
more accurate diagnoses, and better overall patient care.
As we focus on the future, we are bound by our clarity of vision.
A vision created solely to enhance yours.